Sensitive skin care

I have combination to oily skin, but my cheeks are sensitive and red, how can I improve it ?

It is recommended to choose products without preservatives, fragrances, and alcohol, first to soothe sensitive and uncomfortable skin, and long-term use to improve skin tolerance and create a healthy skin condition. Reduce the consumption of foods such as celery, seafood, and spicy foods that can cause skin sensitivity. And strengthen sunscreen, and do not use exfoliating or fruit acid too often, which can cause skin irritation.

How to relieve discomfort after sun exposure ?

You can use moisturizing products with high efficiency and low sensitivity to wet compress sensitive skin after sun exposure. It is recommended to use Dendrobium officinale skin repair essence to relieve skin irritation, inflammation and redness. After application, be sure to rub the ingredients A simple moisturizing and repairing cream can really repair the epidermis and play a reddening effect.

Sensitive skin is prone to allergies every time I change skin care products. How to safely pass the transition period ?

People with sensitive skin should avoid frequent replacement of skin care products. It is recommended to check the ingredients before replacing skin care products, choose hypoallergenic products without preservatives, and follow the three principles of cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection in the maintenance steps, and stick them before use. Skin test, if there is redness and itching after 24 hours, it means the product is not suitable for use! When replacing skin care products, do not replace them all at once, please replace one type first, observe it for 3-5 days, and then switch to other types if there is no discomfort.