How to lighten facial spots?

The melanin produced under normal circumstances will be naturally excreted from the body, but due to aging, metabolism slows down, and when melanin cannot be excreted smoothly, it will slowly surface on the surface of the skin, forming stains and patches. In addition, heredity and constitution are also one of the factors for the formation of spots. It is recommended to use Glycyrrhiza Glycyrrhizin, which contains the golden ingredient for whitening and lightening, which can deeply repair and brighten, effectively lighten the spots, prevent the formation of spots, and even out the skin tone. The original whitening and spot-reducing essence, rich in high-concentration licorice, directly hits the source of stains, achieves texture whitening, and reaps visible whitening effects!

Which skin type is prone to freckles?

Not easy to grow spots is related to "physique". Generally speaking, people who are prone to tanning are more likely to develop spots. To prevent spots, it is recommended to always wear sunscreen when going out. For example, apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of SPF50 PA+++ or above 30 minutes before going out, and wear thin long sleeves, sunglasses and hats. In addition, whitening products should use antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin B3, B5, E, etc. with repairing and soothing effects, such as moisturizing and whitening series, which can reduce the formation of spots and realize the desire of immune whitening.

Do I need to use whitening products with other products?

Depending on the skin condition, if you feel dehydrated and dry, it is recommended to use moisturizing products, such as hyaluronic acid moisturizing serum, to enhance the moisturizing effect.
Steps of use: wash off → moisturizing and translucent whitening essence lotion → moisturizing and translucent whitening essence → hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence → moisturizing and translucent whitening essence milk.

Is there any other way to make the skin fair and supple?

Might as well start with the little details in your daily life. First of all, the physiological work and rest must be normal in order to effectively resist the damage of free radicals, and the complexion can be fair and flawless. In addition, nighttime is the most active period of melanin. It is recommended to strengthen the use of whitening and spot light essence to inhibit the growth of melanin and repair damaged cells during the day. In terms of diet, avoid eating photosensitive foods, such as coriander, celery, and nine-story tower, and eat more fruits and vegetables and polyphenols containing vitamin C to help pigment metabolism. Finally, don't forget the importance of sun protection, stay away from UV damage, and your skin will be naturally fair and healthy.

What should I do if my skin is fair, sensitive, prone to sunburn, and troubled by spots?

People with fair complexion have relatively fragile skin and are prone to tanning and sunburn, and their defense against ultraviolet rays is also relatively low, so they should take protective measures on weekdays. It is recommended to choose low-sensitivity whitening ingredients, such as whitening and spot-reducing products, whitening spot-reducing essence, rich in high-concentration licorice, directly targeting the source of pigmentation, achieving texture whitening , and achieving a fast and long-lasting whitening effect. Say goodbye to whitening stagnation period. Before going out, be sure to apply sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++ or above, and wear a small jacket, parasol or hat.

What should I do if my skin tone is uneven and dull after removing makeup?

The abnormal metabolism of keratin is the main cause of uneven skin tone. It is recommended to exfoliate regularly or choose a gentle exfoliation to accelerate skin metabolism, and then use whitening products, such as whitening and anti-spot series, to make the skin bright and radiant. In addition, sun protection is also a necessary condition for becoming a fair-skinned beauty. Apply sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++ or above before going out to reduce UV exposure and improve spots and dullness.